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60-Slot Server hosted by GTX out of California, USA

Best possible set-up on the rig without going to a dedicated server

2 month old server, unique pve/pvp ruleset

10k start, ATMS, Black Market

Increased loot, Custom loot areas

Many ways to make money (fishing, hunting, looting, raiding, weed)

KOS zones marked on map as well as on-screen upon entry

Killing in PVE zones only tolerated during a raid and non-compliant banditry

Active Admin Team

Factions encouraged, custom armbands made for each faction, faction wars, raid schedules

Mod Info:

Custom Mods built for the server in house

Earplugs, Autorun, Unlimited Stam, Party mod

BBP, Build anywhere


Medical Attention

Cars: Psycho cars, BMW, Land Rover, LAPV, Zil, AE86

Weapons: Advanced modern weapon pack, Advanced Scopes, M200, Arma2, MSFC

Clothing: Mass, Mung, MSFC, MVS


1-Racism or sexism will NOT be tolerated 2-No Glitching, spamming, or glitch raiding 3-Absolutely no KOS in PVE zone 4-Bases only in PVE zone 5-You may rob players in the PVE zone, you must leave them food and water 6-Victims do not have to comply 7-Roadblocks must consist of players and vehicles, not fence kits or tents 8-If the player being robbed runs or fights a pvp will ensue 9-Do not use safe zone for escaping a robbery 10-No camping traders or following players from them 11-Car Jacking is allowed in the PVE zone as part of a robbery 12-If you dont lock your car it will be stolen 13-Theft in the SZ is not permitted, If a player drops an item it is fair game 14-Cars have keys, in SZ you must still lock your vehicle 15-Vehicles left in SZ for more than 24hrs will be deleted 16-If you have an issue with anything make a ticket in the need help channel 17-Respect is key, please respect the admins, Toxicity or personal bigotry is not tolerated 18-please record at trader when selling for video proof of any compensation claims 19-All pvp/kos zones tell you when you've entered it by message and icon beside health, kos is not permitted outside the zone 20- kos in PVE zone is bannable 21-Loot cycling (picking up less desired items and dropping them away from the spawn point) is a no-no. I will strip you and put you in a jail cell with a bear. 22-No car griefing. If you find a locked car, don't shoot it up just because you can't get in it. 23- Do not call out bases in chat, do not call out other players locations in chat or discord, this is meta gaming 24-players can have max 5 vehicles per group, 6 if you leave 1 at your outpost, you may not have 6 in 1 place 25-Discord and in game name must match

Raiding/Building Raiding is allowed online/offline doesn't matter Bases must be 150m from pvp zones, and 500m from safe zones Raiding through doors only If you can jump in off of 1 player or 1 vehicle, 1 barrel ect... your walls are not high enough!!!!!! Or u need a roof NO BASE GRIEFING, this means no logging out in someone's base, do not take apart the walls or leave stuff on the floor to despawn, you cannot take over a base. No glitching into a base, this means if you cant get in through a door or the roof hatch or some form of normal entry.... move on this base ain't for you. This server uses BBP, and we'll help you learn how!!! Please just think realistically when raiding on 420, if it's not possible right now then build your arsenal until it is. Vanilla building is not recommended nor will admin comp for vanilla building raids or mishaps Bases may have no more than 11 doors/gates/hatches Bases may be no more than 5x5, if you want a 4x6 or 3x7 ect is fine No more than 3 stories tall bases may have no more than 8 tents of your choice You may have 1 main base to specs above, outpost is 2x2 and 2 stories tall max Players/bases/groups may have no more than 60 cannabis plants at one time Please be realistic when building to help server performance in the long run, the bigger the bases and the more stuff you horde in them will cause us to need wipes sooner, We are trying to not wipe except for in between DayZ updates as wipes are typically required. If anybody's base is currently not to the specs above let us know and we will help correct it.

Safe Zone Rules: No stealing from players vehicles, this means if they are in the inventory or at there vehicle and it is open for them to do things to it then stay away and have some decency Do not throw explosives of any kind at the traders, including flashbangs and grenades Do not follow people from a safe zone Do not sit in someones car so they cant lock it or drive away Do not block a player in the corner so he cant move You MUST still lock your vehicle in the safe zones when you are not at it, if you leave it open someone will surely steal it and thats on you just as it is irl In general this is DayZ, think logically and dont be a dick in the safezones, if someone is breaking the rules of a safezone feel free to record it and share it with admin for follow up. Make a ticket if someone wont get out of your vehicle Admin will have little tolerance for breaking safe zone rules, keep your bandit/toxic attitudes and activities out of the safe zones.

PVE ZONE RULES AND ROBBERY PROCEDURES: At 420 I am thriving to create a real world experience as much as possible and yet inviting more player interaction, whether good or bad player interaction makes no difference. There is NO KOS outside of the clearly marked circles on the map and on screen notifications, this also means no shooting from outside in or vice versa. Any player committing bandit activities should record such activities when in the pve area, trust me you want to!!! A player being robbed does not need to co-operate with a bandit, this means he can run or shoot if encountered, this also means the bandit can also shoot you if you run away or tell him you will not co-operate If a player co-operates in a robbery, take what you want from him, you must leave him food, water and shoes.....it must be clean drinkable water and not human meat!!! a co-operative player leaves with his life. If a player is being robbed, you may use a vehicle to escape a robbery, note doing this is risky as the bandits are allowed to fire at you and your vehicle A roadblock is allowed to rob people and vehicles, a proper roadblock must consist of vehicles and people only, not tents, fence kits, barrels or any other item other than people and vehicles A player is allowed to run u over when running a roadblock, vehicles do not go through vehicles, if you cannot go around the roadblock and cannot turn around......you are going to be robbed!! if a player gets stuck at a roadblock and gets out of his vehicle and pulls a weapon you may kill him, he may also kill you if a player gets out of his vehicle and is co-operative, you must not kill them, and must leave above mentioned food, water and shoes If a player is engaged in a robbery and being robbed, friends may fire at a bandit, but only if the bandit is engaged with your friend If you are caught wearing another factions colors, they may kill you for there armband back anywhere on map

Factions: Factions at war may take over another factions area by destroying the land claim and replacing it with there own,(This is not active as of yet) Factions that are going to war must declare so in public on discord, the leaders of the fighting factions must agree to war Non faction players bases are not part of the land claiming, only factions bases, the land claim needs to be used by all players due to settings, Factions must name there land after there faction name. Armbands MUST be worn by factions unless at your base, otherwise armbands are a must if a solo player teams up with a faction at war, that player must wear said factions armband when with the faction Factions at war can fight and kos MAP WIDE, pve rules do not apply to factions at war only If a non faction player is killed in a pve zone admin action will be taken, be sure you are shooting at the right people If a player is impersonating a faction and wearing there colors they may kill you. Outposts will need a land claim but are not able to be taken over. Factions at war will remain at war until someone submits, there is a ceasefire declared by the factions, or if admin calls it off for any reason. ALL Players with land claim active any player within the 125m radius of your base may be considered hostile and base defense may take place, there will be on screen notification when u enter base territory(edited)

CARS: 1-DO NOT drive over 35 pop 2-As stated above LOCK YOUR CARS always......sz or not lock it up, if its stolen we will not comp 3-NO COMP WILL BE GIVEN: if you drive way offroad and get stuck on a hill, or drive into water 4-Vehicles react negatively around walls, train tracks, buildings, trees, fences, posts and even other cars 5-Cars dont like being trapped inside, they will launch across the map, or despawn completely especially if in a tight space. 6-No vehicle is completely indestructable 7-if you drive to a pvp zone and are killed in your vehicle or lose it in any way in a pvp zone we will do nothing. 8-DO NOT GRIEF CARS, this means shooting tires or the engine, windows ect, if its locked you cannot get in, leave it alone 9-If you are killed and your key is stolen, your car essentially belongs to them, if they have a key, and drive it away even from sz thats on you and we will not comp Most of all, please understand, DayZ and the vehicles available are far from perfect, baby your cars if you value them, always lock them no matter what and dont drive in a pvp zone unless u understand the consequences.

Faction Rules:
1-All faction members must be in the discord 2-All faction members MUST wear there armbands when not at base 3-Minimum 3 players to start a faction 4-Factions must have a main leader for faction meetings and events 5-Factions may have 1 main base and 1 outpost base, the outpost base can be no more than 2 stories tall and 2x2 on the ground 6-Factions may have 5 vehicles, 6 if you have one at outpost base 7-When war is declared, there will be a meeting with admin and the factions at war, this will be held at a church somewhere on the map to discuss the war and the politics involved

Faction Wars regulations: 1-War must be declared in public on discord between the 2 faction leaders 2-Factions bases must have the land claim in use, you will own a 150m radius on the map surrounding your base, when a player enters this area they will be informed they have entered faction territory. 3-Factions at war may fight and kill each other map wide, be cautious with this as if you murder a non faction member in a pve zone there will be admin consequences to this...... including bans, being stripped and having your colors removed. 4-if a non faction member interferes with a faction war and is not wearing colors, they will also face admin consequences. 5-Until we get more factions and players , base take over rules will NOT apply and i will update this when need be 6-Factions that have declared war will continue to be at war until one faction waves a white flag of submission and defeat 7-Battle logging rules will apply to factions at war in the pve zone, you may NOT log out for during engagement, the safe zones are not to be used to escape engagement or battle, this will be considered battle logging. 8-All pve rules apply between factions and non faction players, non factioned players may still engage faction members in pvp zones and rob faction members in the pve zone. 9-Land claims will only be used by factions at this time, this is going to be the beginning of being able to take over faction to faction bases upon a war between 2 factions(this is not in play yet). 10- the only way another faction or solo player can get your custom armband is to kill you, if you see a player wearing your colors you may kill that player anywhere on the map, be 100% sure its your armband. 11-Consider factions like gangs, same thing, factions may not impersonate another faction. You may collect enemy armbands as trophies, do not wear them, faction impersonation is allowed only by non factioned players.

If you run out of armbands let us know and we'll drop you some; since they're custom they won't be in the traders.

Armbands are required by all faction members OUTSIDE the base area, if you wanna run around your base area or someone elses base area without an armband so be it..... ANYBODY can raid and as such it really makes zero difference if your wearing it in a base area or not, if you are in the wild they ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES, ghille ponchos may not be worn IN THE WILD for a factioned member...... GHILLE SUITS are allowed, we will not tell people they cant wear a ghille suit, armband must be worn underneath

Factions may declare battle or war on each other if/when both faction leaders consent to it. If it is not consensual there will be nothing.

Battles: Both faction leaders meet and agree upon a WAGER that both MUST put in a pot. The battle takes place upon neutral ground in a base made by an Administrator. This fight will run for 24hrs starting on the agreed date/time of the leaders. Upon completion the full pot will be given to the victor.

-Admin will declare publicly any wars/battles to ensure the safety of innocents