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Server Info:

60-Slot Server hosted by GTX out of California, USA

Best possible set-up on the rig without going to a dedicated server

Unique pve/pvp ruleset

10k start, ATMS, Black Market

Increased loot, Custom loot areas

Many ways to make money (fishing, hunting, looting, raiding, weed)

KOS zones marked on map as well as on-screen upon entry

Killing in PVE zones only tolerated during a raid and non-compliant banditry

Active Admin Team

Factions encouraged, custom armbands made for each faction, faction wars, raid schedules

Mod Info:

Custom Mods built for the server in house

Earplugs, Autorun, Unlimited Stam, Party mod

BBP, Build anywhere, MuchStuffPack

King of the Hill
Cannabis & Drugs Plus

Weapons:Snafu Weapons

Clothing: Equipment System Large, MVS


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